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Join Us For A Free College Planning Workshop Near You!

You are invited to attend a FREE one-time educational webinar called “The New College Planning Survival Kit For Private High School Parents – Essential Tools To Get Your Student On Track, Stay Ahead Of Schedule, and Pay Only Your Fair Share Of The College Bill.”


In this class, you’ll learn the crucial, non-intuitive secrets thousands of families are using to help their private school students get into the colleges of their dreams and save thousands of dollars in the process. In fact, many smart parents have used these same strategies to beat the high cost of college and send their children to schools they never thought they could afford.


There is so much more to college planning than what the colleges tell you and it is more than even the best high school guidance counselors can share with you in the short time they have to work with your students. That’s why in this webinar we’ll teach you:



  • What every parent must know about the HOPE and Zell Miller scholarships - that no one tells you!

  • How to find the best “right fit” college for your student and get them to practically line up and beg your student to come to their school.

  • Why choosing (or avoiding) a college based on its sticker price alone could be HUGE mistake.

  • How even millionaires and parents making good six figure incomes are getting tons of free money for college, and how you can too!

  • The TRUTH about why it is usually a waste of time and bad advice for affluent families to search for private scholarships.

  • The amazing and simple way some parents put their kids through college and end up in better financial shape than when they started.

  • Which financial aid forms to prepare for and why it is ESSENTIAL that you know how to fill them out correctlyeven if you don’t expect to receive any need-based aid!

  • How to recognize and avoid the ONE single mistake over 90% of affluent parents make (and don’t even realize it) that could save you thousands.

  • What to do right now if you haven’t saved enough for college or maybe lost it in the market recently - and how to NOT be punished if you were thrifty and have college covered financially!

  • How to obtain a “tax scholarship” to pay for ALL of your tuition - right from the IRS. 100% legal, but not one in 1,000 accountants knows how to get it!

  • Why following the advice of an accountant, financial planner, or regular college consultant alone can cost you buckets of free money. They usually don’t know what they don’t know because they aren’t trained to help you where you really need it the most!

  • The absolute, GUARANTEED most expensive way to send a child to school….and how to avoid it!


NOTE: If you think you make too much money to get any aid (or that’s what you’ve been told), you absolutely MUST attend this class to learn the surprising truth about how families that make multiple 6 figure incomes, right here in the north Atlanta area, are getting thousands of dollars of free money each and every year.


This class will be taught by Jason Flurry, CFP®, one of the country’s leading College Planning Specialist and the founder and president of the National Center for College Planning.  It is strictly an informational webinar.  Nothing is for sale and no specific products or services will be mentioned. Simply register now at the website address below and guarantee yourself a chance to get valuable information that can save you a lot of stress and an absolute fortune!


It’s time to learn what many of your friends already know, or wish they knew when they were sending their kids to college. So, register now and mark your calendar to make sure you attend this one-time only event. It will not be recorded. We look forward to seeing you there. 


Your friends at the National Center For College Planning


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